Wedding Dresses – The Hottest Spring Trends

Finding the perfect spring wedding dress is no easy feat, and it is a good idea for the spring bride to start the search long before the weather begins to warm up.

The key is to find a wedding dress that is a reflection of your own unique taste and style. By following the trends of 2016 spring and summer wedding gowns, you will find your favorite gowns easily.

Princess wedding dress

Princess wedding dress tends to be one of the trend styles in 2016 spring and summer. Trumpet dresses and small princess wedding gowns will be highlights of the whole year. The trumpet bridal gowns which are similar to mermaid gowns may be the best choice for slim and curvy brides. The leggy brides won’t miss small wedding gowns which are lovely and perfect for dancing.


Floral Design and Prints

Okay, this may not be a new idea. But of course, spring equals the presence of beautiful flowers! You might want to feel the beauty of spring on your wedding dress by choosing one with floral prints. You will certainly look good in it.


Wedding accessories for spring

After choosing the perfect spring wedding dress, you’ll have to think about wedding accessories to match. Subtle jewellery works best for the time of year, and don’t forget seasonal flowers.

Other wedding accessories to consider are shoes. Any self-respecting bride will regard these as the most-important of wedding accessories. Some will even place shoes as more important than wedding dresses! Avoid satin, however, in case of rain.


Just as fashion is always changing to keep up with today’s modern woman, the wedding industry will also continue to evolve and change to represent today’s modern bride. The most important thing to keep in mind is to choose the gown you love and one that suits your body type


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